Watches have been a favorite collectible piece for centuries. Regardless of era, age or style, watches still remain one of the most sought-after collectibles. For us collectors, they are small pieces of art.

A watch worth collecting is an engineering achievement inside a history lesson behind a beautiful painting in one single object.

And only 1440 minutes in a day to collect watches? So let’s go

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At Watch1440, a collector can either find or discover his next addition to their precious watch collection.

Whether you are in the market for a new or pre-owned watch, vintage or modern, you might find it here in Watch1440. Our mission is to make it easier to watch collectors and enthusiasts procure collectible watches and grow their valuable watch collections.

We provide watch enthusiasts a platform of great timepieces, supporting their special needs in the process of accumulating every piece that completes their collection and satisfaction.


Omega SpeedmasterWe are collecting watches for many years (not only watch dealers). That is why through our passion and dedication we understand what a WATCH collector needs and looking for.

Watch1440 provides these watches at an affordable cost, without “burning a hole in your pocket.” Over the years, we have dealt in all known brands such as Omega, Seiko, Cartier, Certina, TAG Heuer, Longines, Tissot and more, even particular Casio’s collectibles.

Many wonders, how can our prices be so good? Well, it is quite simple. Watch1440 finds genuine suppliers of great watches. These watches could be either NOS (New Old Stock) or lying at their vaults after trade-in’s. We get these watches at a great price from our vendors which are rolled out to our customers as great deals.


Hamilton Pocket watch

Our pre-owned watches are great finds, and they would have at least one previous owner we know of.

All pre-owned watches are authenticated, some are serviced too.

You can find 70 years old watches at Watch1440, sometimes “only” 30 years old.

To help you, our customer, feel comfortable, we have a  that provides a peace of mind on the way of buying a pre-owned watch. With 14 days to make sure you want the watch mind, you can be assured that you’ll love your next watch. Otherwise, you can return your pre-owned watch to us for a full refund. Customer satisfaction is most important to us at Watch1440.

A NOS watch is a watch not owned by any previous owner. NOS watches are completely new and in excellent condition. They also enjoy the 14-day return policy.


So what are you waiting for? Go and search for a new watch to add to your collection. If you have a special request, please contact us at

Don’t worry about shipping to, we have you covered.

We use shipping providers like DHL, EMS or registered mail (depending on the watch’s value). Delivery time is as little as 5 days. Please refer Shipping Section for more details.